July 19, 2018

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The Evolution of Marley's Hair

March 16, 2018


 Every time I do Marley’s hair, I sing to myself, “Started from the bottom, now we here.” And here just keeps getting longer and longerrrr. Her hair literally started from the bottom. My baby had 1 patch of hair at the top of her head for the longest time! And for a while, that patch was the only thing growing lol. I remember putting one braid right in the center. For a year and a half, that was all I needed. That and a cute headband! When she was close to two, I discovered Baby Don’t Be Bald. I can’t remember exactly how but it became my main product of choice when doing her hair. At this point, she had a little more than just a patch. I was able to put her hair in two ponytails. I used this product as a hair grease for the most part. That, water, and a brush. Between 2 and 3, her hair grew like a damn wildfire and I owe a lot of that to genetics and Baby Don’t Be Bald.


When it comes to shampoo’s and conditioners, I've tried a few things. I’m a bit of a product junkie, by the way. I’ve tried almost every kids line created. Lol Well the ones sold in stores anyway. I plan to start exploring some products that can only be found online. For the last (almost) year, I’ve been using a line called Maui Moisture which I discovered on Instagram and found out it was sold in Walmart. They have different shampoos and conditioners for different hair types. For Marley, I use the “thick curly hair” bottle. I’ve been pretty happy with that, but feel free to send me others that you think are worth trying. As far as hair styling, I am a firm believer in simplicity. Mostly because Marley and I damn near fight every time its “wash day,” which only happens every three weeks around here. In her entire 4 years of living, I’ve probably braided her hair in cornrows maybeeeeee 3 times max. My mom volunteered herself to do some individual braids with beads once. I’ll give her the occasional ethnic braids over her ears with some beads and a puff, but for the most part, she’s getting these here twists, okay? And I’ll change them up here and there. It may be some flat twists to the back, two strand twist, or twist into an updo. We also do the bantu knots. But with each of these styles, you get a 2 for 1! So imagine 2 weeks of twist, one week of a twist/knot out, then wash and repeat. The twist outs make for a beautiful fro and even better ponytails. You can honestly get a good month out of these styles. The most important thing here though, is keeping her hair moisturized. When I style her hair, layers and layers of moisture go into this. So Boom, its washed. 98% of her hairstyles are done while wet. With each section for a twist I start with detangler (Cantu Kids), coconut AND black castor oil (doesn’t matter what brand), leave in conditioner (currently trying in the new Just For Me brand), and a curl soothing cream (Cantu kids). Every day, I go over her twists with oil. Nothing that takes too much work; just put a few drops in the palm of my hands and run through her hair. When they get a little older and frizzier, I’ll do water and oil. Sometimes, I will  even add some foam mousse. But even with ponytails, there’s layers of moisture added.


Just a few key points:

· Marley has had her hair blow dried twice.· I don’t care about parts. They will be ok, not perfect. I’m down with finger parting and combing.

· She is extremelyyyyy tender headed and I’ll take partial blame for that, considering I Don’t use a comb much when doing her hair and she doesn’t get braids often.

· I think my “leaving her hair alone” approach has contributed to her hair growth and health.

· I don’t think length and hairstyles are as important as maintenance and hair care.

· And don’t expect my child’s hair to be perfect every time you see her. I’m just not that mom.

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