This all started with a blog. Who knew that sharing my personal and intimate moments with my daughter would turn into a Mommy support group and an online store? In my four years of motherhood, women have reached out to me to offer help, to ask for help, to set up playdates, or to simply make a connection with someone they feel share similar experiences as a mother. If I’ve never been sure about anything, I’m sure that being a mother is what I am supposed to be. And to tie that passion with all of my other passions, I’ve landed here. 

This website is my thank you. Thank you to my kiddo who inspires me daily and to all Mothers who have embraced and supported me. I will continue to think of you and create Mommy necessities to keep our lives SOMEWHAT in order, all while making a statement. 


“I’m not a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.”